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PetAg Foal Lac

Foal-Lac® Powder 20 lb and 40 lb Mare's Milk Replacer

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Foal-Lac® Powder Milk Replacer

20 lb and 40 lb

for Orphaned and Early Weaned Foals

Instantized Powder – Simply Mix with Warm Water and Feed

Foal-Lac® Powder is a top quality milk replacement product for orphaned foals or foals not receiving adequate milk from their dam.

Features of Foal-Lac®

  • Formulated to be highly palatable and nutritionally complete for consistent foal growth
  • Easy to mix and feed – simply mix with warm water and  feed with a bottle or bucket
  • Contains dried whey, dried skimmed milk and the vitamins  and minerals necessary for proper growth and digestion
  • Available in a pelleted form for older foals
  • A nutritionally complete powder that is reconstituted with water for feeding orphaned or early weaned foals

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