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KONG® Blue King Toy

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  • $12.95

KONG® Blue King Toy

The KONG® Blue King Toy is perfect for stuffing with KONG® Snacks or for filling the patented Denta-Ridges with KONG® Stuff'N Paste or KONG® Easy Treat. KONG® is a pet-safe, built-to-chew rubber that dogs love.


  • Made from the durable KONG® Classic rubber
  • Perfect for stuffing with Snacks
  • Patented Denta-Ridges clean teeth and massage gums
  • Made in the USA

This durable toy has all the fun of a ball, plus it keeps dogs busy removing the tasty morsels inside. The outer ridges are patented and offer teeth cleaning and gum stimulation.   

Visit the Kong® Dog Toy website for valuable information, product recommendations and solutions to common dog and puppy related behavior challenges including chewing, teething, separation anxiety, barking, digging and boredom.   

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