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Roy-L-Heat® Calf Warming Box RH-5000 Free Freight

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Roy-L-Heat® Calf Warming Box

for Beef and Dairy Calves 

*3/16/22 - Out of Stock for the season*

Considered to be a must-have for all calving operations.  Typically pays for itself in the first 1-2 calves saved.  May also be used to warm lambs, goat kids, puppies, kittens and pigs.

*  Price includes Free Freight to your Location - A savings of $150 - $350  *

Features and Benefits of the Roy-L-Heat® Calf Warming Box 

  • Made of high density materials to be extremely durable. 
  • 110 Volt Heater/Warming fan with thermostat circulates warm air throughout the box. Attaches to the outside of the Calf Box in it's own separate box. New, Improved Heater and housing are easier to reach, adjust and read.   Heater housing removes for simply cleaning and disinfecting between uses. 
  • Rooftop vent helps to remove moisture from the box.  
  • Rubber head boot allows the calf to stick it's head out of the box and to breathe fresh air.  
  • Large enough for a calf to lay in and then to be able to stand.
  • Slotted panel on floor keeps calf warm, dry and away from urine/manure.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • 2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Assembly is required.  Takes about 15 minutes to assemble.
  • Please allow 5-7 days for shipping.
  • Save when you purchase multiple units.  Call us at 816-806-5999 for bulk orders.
  • Free Freight saves $150 - $350 depending on location.
  • Freight/Delivery time is typically 7-14 days.  

The Roy-L-Heat Calf Warming Box is considered to be one of the best calf warmers on the market.  Durable, safe and easy to use.  For use in the field or barn, the Roy-L-Heat circulates warm air throughout the box to help warm and dry the calf quickly and efficiently.  The raised floor helps to keep the calf away from urine and manure so that he stays dry and comfortable.  The vent/fan on top of the calf warming box is one of the most important features.  The fan helps to remove moisture, which helps the calf to dry more thoroughly and helps to prevent the calf from re-breathing hot, moist air which can lead to pneumonia.  The rubber boot on the front is wide enough for the calf to stick his head out of allowing him to breathe fresh air and bond with the cow. 

There are dozens of testimonials for this product.  Most ranchers saying that it works better than other calf warmers and pays for itself after just 1-2 uses.  Some even put the warmer on a sled with a generator to use it out in the field, allowing the cow and calf to stay together as the calf dries. See the Smucker Manufacturing YouTube for helpful videos showing this product in action.   Please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

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