BlueLite® Bovine 2BW Cattle Electrolytes High Stress Formula

By TechMix


Bluelite® Bovine 2BW Electrolytes - High Stress Formula 

Electrolytes for Cattle

6 lb. Powder

Bovine BlueLite 2Bw is the ultimate receiving product, combining the time-proven effectiveness of Bovine BlueLite plus the digestion supporting benefits of DFMs (direct-fed microbials).  An easy-to-feed product, Bovine BlueLite 2Bw provides electrolytes, energy, and beneficial bacteria.

Bovine BlueLite 2Bw contains 2.5 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to help populate the gut with beneficial bacteria, supporting digestion.  By adding Bovine BlueLite 2Bw to daily rations during periods of stress, producers are able to maintain feed and water intakes, while supporting digestive health.

  • For starting feedlot cattle
  • At arrival into the yard
  • To support dry matter intake
  • During hot weather and heat stress
  • Hospital cattle
  • Long haul cattle
  • Prior to shipping
  • During sorting
  • After diarrhea
  • For other stress and dehydration challenges